ASQ Edmonton 2016


    2016 Events

    February Dinner Meeting

    Mark Karpinka, CHRP
    The Job Application Process

    Mark Karpinka, CHRP, is the Founder of Blueprint Training Co. and Write My Resume (divisions of the registered business name, Skill City). Mark holds the designation of Canadian Human Resources Professional. Mark has a Bachelor of Arts degree obtained from the University of Alberta complimented with a certificate in Human Resources Management awarded from Grant MacEwan University. Mark has over fifteen years of
    progressive Human Resources Management experience working for both private sector and government institutions in Senior HR Management positions. Mark runs Blueprint Training Co. and Write My Resume from his home in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

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    Blueprint Training Co.:

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    April Dinner Meeting

    Elsbeth von der Burg
    Tips for Engaging Presentations and Training Delivery

    • How to prepare for any type of presentation to achieve objectives.
    • How to start and end presentations in a way that gets immediate buy-in from the audience and supports training participants’ learning.
    • To recognize and seize opportunities for participant engagement and involvement.
    • Tips for effective PowerPoint slides.
    • To enhance the impact of all our deliveries. 

    Her focus was on the immediate practical application of all learning in the real world outside of the training environment.


    July Full-Day Workshop

    Denis Devos, Devos Associates
    Upgrading to the New ISO 9001:2015

    This one-day course is designed to give practitioners an overview of the changes in ISO 9001:2015 and conduct workshops to reinforce the learning around the four key new concepts.

    • Understanding the Organization and its Context
    • Understanding the Needs and Expectations of Interested Parties
    • Risk Based Thinking and Identifying Risks and Opportunities.

    Topics also included the new high level structure that has renumbered familiar requirements, documented information, the new focused on outsourced services, and the new emphasis on performance measurements and results. The session was essential for anyone involved in process management at any level of the organization. It was applicable to any organization including education, government, healthcare, manufacturing and service.

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    Lisa Hennigar
    Change Management

    • The ROI of change management – industry bench marking data (PROSI) and Caterpillar’s Black Belt project assessing the costs of unmanaged change in their business.
    • Finning’s Change Management journey –opportunities and challenges that Finning has faced in establishing change management within a global business
    • PROSCI – Why Finning chose PROSI methodology, the pros and cons of this approach to change management
    • Change Management metrics –how they are launching Workday and how standard change management metrics is applied (speed of adoption, ultimate utilization and proficiency of staff), aligned these metrics with project KPIs, to show the value of change management in terms of benefit realization.


    Randy Bradstrom, BP Automation
    Achieving Lean through Automation

    The development of a production process based on a primary Automation Machine Solution to a production bottleneck. From this the need for additional process improvements result in an overall Lean Manufacturing Process. Material in-feed and out-feed needs to be ramped up in order to keep up with the fundamental Automation Solution to the primary production bottleneck.


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    Derrick Olesen
    Work-Life Balance

    Derrick Olesen presented an excellent mini-workshop on how to identifty, prioritize, and balance all the aspects of our life which are competing for our time and attention.  Additionally Derrick provided a simple tool to measure our current state, and some simple ideas to maximize the effectiveness when making changes in our efforts to achieve balance.


    Annual General Meeting

    We celebrated the holiday season and another year of serving the section at Indian Garden Restaurant.  A review of the achievements of the past year while welcoming the new member-leader team before closing out the year.