ASQ Edmonton 2015


Edmonton Section Receives Silver ASQ Performance Award

ASQ Performance Award

ASQ Performance Award

2015 Sliver PAR Member Leader Team

2015 Sliver PAR Member Leader Team

"Thanks for all of the hard work leadership team provided to the section members in the past year, as well as ASQ as a whole.

Congratulations to everyone at the Edmonton Section, 410 for your achievements. We are proud of your service to ASQ, and continue to look forward to what is ahead from your members."

2015 Events

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January Dinner Meeting

Dr. Lionel Laroche
Understanding the Impact of Cultural Differences on Quality Assurance Professionals

This presentation examines the impact that cultural differences have on quality assurance professionals and provides suggestions to bridge the gap with culturally different collegues.

Over the past 16 years, Dr. Laroche has provided cross-cultural training, coaching and consulting services to over 50, 000 people in 15 countries. Lional specializes in helping professionals and organizations reap the benefits of cultural differences in their work. His client lists includes many large oil & gas, mining and engineering consulting companies. He has written three books: "Managing Cultural Diversity in Technical Professions", "Recruiting, Retaining and Promoting Culturally Different Employees: and "Danger and Opportunity: Bridging Cultural Diversity for Competitive Advantage."


February Dinner Meeting

Allan Wilson
Big Data and Quality

  • “Big Data” is a hot topic in a number of professional fields including Quality. The ASQ has identified Big Data as an area of interest and is actively gathering information to help Quality Professional in this area. During this talk we will cover: What is Big Data?

  • Big Money applications with examples from Google, Amazon and LinkedIn.

  • How Big Data can enhance Quality in our Workplaces: interesting possibilities.


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March Dinner Meeting

Arlette Peterson
Making Risk Part of your Quality Management System

Arlette Peterson has been involved in management system consulting, training and auditing services for over 25 years and has participated in the evolution of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and API Q1 standards which now addresses system wide risks that can be concerns of a broader base that you as an organization may serve.

Her presentation examined using risk management more actively than dealing with root causes.


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May Dinner Meeting

Mai Tran and Rick Stirling
To Keep or Not to Keep: The Impact of Record Keeping on Project Processes and Budget

This presentation focused on the current state and direction of Information management and Information Governance in North America and the importance of managing records to ensure project success.

September Dinner Meeting

Hi-Kalibre Facility Tour

David Hall, President of ProSolve Consulting Ltd
The LEAN Journey-A Quality Perspective

Our two part event day started with Hi-Kalibre facility tour of how ball valves, drill stem safety valves, tubing safety valves and rotary hydraulic actuators are made.

Our main event was David Hall, founder and President of ProSolve Consulting Ltd.  discussing "The Lean Journey - A Quality Perspective." David provided his insights and his experience as an Engineer into how Lean methodology is implemented. He is a member APEGA, ASQ,SME, APICS, QCA. As past Director at the QCA (Quality Council of Alberta), David organized, led and chaired three Western Canadian Manufacturing Conferences, which were precursors to today's Lean Conference.

December Dinner Meeting

Annual General Meeting

We celebrated the holiday season and another year of serving the section at Indian Garden Restaurant.  A review of the achievements of the past year while welcoming the new member-leader team before closing out the year.